The First Day of August

My days start of with Bible reading, or else they are a mess. When I'm not reading a devotion, I return to my childhood plan of the corresponding Proverb chapter for the day. Yesterday and then again this morning, I reread of the Proverbs 31 woman. That's a convicting passage. Encouraging too, inspiring, yes, but also so many verses that just make me wish to be more.

It's First Day. Can you believe it is already August? School starts soon, are you ready? With school resuming, my girls also resume teaching music lessons which is another motivator for house cleaning.

Early in the morning I had coffee to energize me for dealing with clutter. And my upbeat soundtrack-- the latest from Toby Mac. (Giveaway soon!) 

"Light shine bright everywhere we go, music for the people to illuminate the soul." Jesus music! 

The first of the month means the new Flexi-of-the-month is introduced. Which of these is your favorite?

Proof that I should be cleaning every day-- almost every time I clean, I find money. This was tucked in a bag (broken handle still needs repaired) for use at a laundrymat while vacationing.

My little guy requested assistance sorting Legos. I learned that the red snake is rare. I didn't know Lego made snakes.

He helped me vacuum!

My daughter joined me outside. The kittens are starting to roam out of their pen.

My first fabric pile was pieces of three quilts. One was finished, so I moved all that to our fabric bins. The jean/camo quilt is for my husband. I cut the rest of the strips so I can get back to work on it. The other is a long neglected Christmas quilt, all cut but barely started. 

Our most urgent project is completion of our Wee care kits. Emily was mysteriously missing pieces, so we purchased more fabric and Heather traced ours to make a pattern for her sister then completed both her own and mine.

Lunch time. My husband made this chicken salad last night. Delicious!

A belated birthday gift arrived from my family for me. :) The timing was kind of funny as I was on my way to join some local moms for...moms' night! My son said he hoped it didn't turn out like the movie. It didn't. I was encouraged and have a few more ideas to incorporate in our fall school plan.


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