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This year our return to homeschool (not quite a complete description as we never really stop) has been more gentle. Homeschooling for us has become our constant, so beginning our new year kind of feels seemless.
My children are now in 6th, 10th, and 12th grade. I HAVE A SENIOR!

We shopped for school supplies, but even that was nontraditional. We didn't take a list, in fact this year the shopping was incredibly simple. All of us (even me) choose new notebooks. I purchased more art supplies: paint brushes, sketch pads, metallic markers, some just for fun, all on sale.
I now combine more subjects, integrating vocabulary and science or writing and Bible for example. 

Instead of a new planner, I'm simplifying that process this year, too. A friend showed me her student calendar that she used to jot down assignments for each of her children, so we took her advice and each picked out our own ruled calendars at Michael's craft store. Her method  is very similar to this one using notebooks.

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  1. I'm giving this notebook planning a go this year, too. It may not be all I do (who knows?), but it will definitely be a big part of what I want the kids to begin doing on their own.

    I'm also planning to buy more art supplies as soon as our Hobby Lobby opens and just insisting on more art projects being created around here. I think it will do us all good.

  2. Metallic Markers, now that would excite my daughter.


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