Travel ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 10

Way back when I was in OT school, I dreamed of being a traveling therapist. I planned to work all over our country, three months at a time at each new place. One wise professor encouraged us to spend some time working with other therapists before venturing out in a home health or travel job, and I started my career at a hospital. And then, I met my husband. I married him and stayed at that job until we moved "back home." Every now and then the traveling therapist option pops up in a job offer, and we even half heartedly discussed it as a way to travel in our camper all around the country. But that was one of those things that ended up being dream but not reality. I love the experiences I had instead, and was able to work in the NICU during my years at that hospital. Looking back, that was my favorite work setting, and it is very doubtful that role would be given to a traveling therapist. I'm happy with the choices we made.

The prompt for today asks "Where are you going or where have you been?" Our travel typically revolves around visiting family. It also incorporates our kids' education. We try to find ways to make vacations fun learning experiences. Later this month we are planning a camping trip with friends that our whole family is looking forward to.

Some of the exciting places we have visited as a family include:

Branson, Missouri is where we visit with my in-laws. Last year our trip included the wonderful Promised Land Zoo.

An evening in the water during a church building mission trip to Virginia

Little House long winter in De Smet, Mount Rushmore, and buffalo adventures in South Dakota

Castillo De San Marcos in lovely St. Augustine, FL

We enjoy exploring close to home, too, as evidenced in these Louisiana links.

Click the "travel"  or "field trip" label in my sidebar for more of our adventures. I've linked them here, too.

Where is your favorite place to travel? Share about it and link with me and Lynn for day 10 of our July blogging challenge.

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