If ~ July Blogging Challenge Day 25

"If I knew then"

It's almost my birthday which also means reflecting on the past year and previous years as well as thinking about the future.  We are spending this extended weekend camping with friends, and the sounds of my happy family are what makes up some of my best memories. 

So..."if I knew then" that they would be gone way before I ever wanted to think of that possibility, yes I'd do things differently. I'd ride on Powpow's golf cart with him more, even knowing there was a big chance of us ending up in the pond. I'd dance more often with Granny. I'd look deep in my sisters eyes and just tell her I loved her. Time marches on, and death is unavoidable. 

If I knew how quickly my children would grow, I'd have tried to freeze time. Impossible. Time marches on.

More loving words. More loving actions. Everything laced with love, because I do know more clearly now, this life is always changing, and unexpected things happen. 

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