High School Electives

high school electives

Through the years we have explored interests letting the kids participate in drama, singing, dancing, soccer, and more.

Other moms have shared talents and taught classes in a variety of subjects. Some of the ones that the girls have joined include speech, Spanish, and photography. 4H opened even more doors from raising chickens to shooting sports. Cooking is another area that our whole family has benefited from the girls' attempts.

Several years ago my aunt offered to teach my girls how to smock. They started with smocked nightgowns and progressed to more and more new sewing techniques. That same aunt invited us to join her at monthly classes, and we all joined the Smocking Arts Guild of America. That group of ladies is such a blessing. In addition to heirloom sewing techniques and a dear charity project, they have had us join them in quilting lessons and advanced classes. The girls have come a long way from when I first taught them to sew pillowcases and elastic waist skirts. They have made doll clothes and Regency style dresses and capes. Last summer my oldest daughter challenged us to sew 100 dresses for a missionary friend to take to Nicaragua. With help from a lot of friends, we met her goal! If family members offer to share their skills, accept their assistance gratefully.

Music is something we encourage the kids to do because of their initial interest. The girls both started violin and piano lessons when they were very young, and now they both teach younger students. In the past year my oldest daughter saved and bought herself a banjo which she is learning how to play, and her sister did the same with her harp. We have sought out opportunities for them to continue to develop their talents from classes, concerts, and camps to playing with orchestra groups and at special events.

Sometimes electives aren't planned, they just happen when we make the most of opportunities. A friend shared about Apple Camp offered for 8-12 year old kids over the summer. We signed my son up for their digital movie camp and then found out parents are required to stay in the store, too, during the class. While his big sisters and I waited, we were invited to join in classes for adults during my son's camp class two of the three days. The third day was reserved for watching my son and the other kids share what they learned. One of the classes the girls and I joined was about editing photos. They already had a photography class and more than enough hours for that to be a credit, but this added to their knowledge and built on their skills with relevant information.

Our library is another resource that we appreciate. The dear librarians have arranged classes including knitting, painting, and more in addition to encouraging their love of reading.

Online classes open up even more options. The high school ones that my girls have especially enjoyed  include Mango Languages and Landry Academy's Gimp class.

Because of the ability to flex our schedule, the girls have been able to participate in things that a typical school schedule would not allow. When you consider electives, don't limit your children to what they can do at home.
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