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Handwriting was my primary focus for many kids that I worked with in several school systems, and it is a subject I feel is vitally necessary. More and more frequently now, however, I hear arguments against cursive writing. I even sat through a workshop in which the presenter shared how teaching kids how to use iPads was more important in this age of technology than them being able to write. I completely disagree! Cursive handwriting is important for so many reasons. CursiveLogic offers a logical method of learning cursive with their CursiveLogic Workbook.
This workbook is both teacher guide and student lesson, though we were also given access to a video presentation companion to the workbook. The workbook includes instructions, practice pages, and even dry erase pages for repeated practice, and is useful for ages 7 through adult with the stipulation that they can already print letters. Because complete words are used from the beginning, practicing cursive in this way does not seem juvenile even for older learners. 

Linda Shrewsbury developed this plan and had the purpose of shortening the time frame for learning cursive. The CursiveLogic method is similar to other handwriting programs we have used as it encourages muscle memory before pen on paper. A "light touch" and a "running hand" are terms used to describe the method of writing. The process though is one that you'll have to purchase the 96 page full color workbook to see it completely. I can share with you only about the first step. She breaks down cursive letter formation into steps based on four shapes. The first one is the Orange Oval lesson which can be taught over several days. Each component is color coded which makes it clearly distinct in the workbook.

These cursive writing lessons cover movement patterns  to form "letter strings" instead of individual letter formation. Verbal reinforcement is also incorporated with her "catch phrases" for the different steps. In the CursiveLogic curriculum, cursive is taught in a way that flows. Although tracing is expected in several steps, words can be copied beneath the tracing samples.  It is designed to be used by one student with an adult "guide" to provide additional instruction as needed. In addition to the lessons, supplemental practice pages (click through to download) present copywork of familiar passages to facilitate proper cursive writing. 

If you are planning to incorporate cursive writing into your child's lessons (if you aren't, why not?) then consider CursiveLogic. 

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CursiveLogic Review

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