CTC Math. A Schoolhouse Crew Review

Math is one of those things that are unavoidable, even when you have complete control of your family's homeschool plans. The kids need it. Two of my kids recently joined me in a review of CTC Math using their 12 Month Family Plan. This online math program can be used with up to 10 students with each family plan! Two of my students consistently used it and my other daughter explored it while we made plans for the next school year. This homeschool math program is accessed online through any computer; the program doesn't have to be saved to one specific computer. 

My senior recently requested Trigonometry to help finish her transcript. We were both delighted to learn that was one of the options offered through CTC Math. She worked on her lessons independently with occasional comments to me about a lesson, mostly just to share something that made her laugh. Catchy phrases were taught to help recall math formulas. She found that worksheets can be printed but she chose to use a notebook and then entered her answers online. Heather shared "The lessons are short, but I get a lot out of it."

My son is finishing out the current school year with CTC's 5th grade math and we are now planning to use their 6th grade lessons starting this fall. My son's positive view of this resource is clear. He said that "CTC is way more fun than other math. It gives a 2-8 minute how to do it video then a chance to try it out on my own. Most of the time it is fast and easy. It is helping me a lot with multiplication." 

In addition to the lessons, there is another component called speed skills. Four levels of practice problems allow you to improve speed and accuracy with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and a combination of those skills. Immediately after doing the speed skills, you can go back and view your answers (and see which ones are incorrect) but those results are not visible later.

His favorite part seems to be doing the speed skills which he completes independently. He races against the clock, first to beat his high score then to do a certain number of problems in 60 seconds. When he was able to do them even faster than one per second, he was thrilled.

math speed skills

Another component of this family plan is diagnostic tests. He was able to see exactly which skills needed more attention, and he was motivated to work toward 100 in those columns. 

Awards are presented (and can be printed) when topics are completed. Levels of awards are performance based. 

When logged in as parent instead of student, you can view and print a report of completed lessons. Weekly reports are also emailed to the parent including a summary of the week's work of each student registered. 

We are planning to continue using this math resource through the year. I am delighted to find a math that my son is happy to complete. 
CTCmath Review

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