The following is a review of socks from Uncommon Feet.

My kids and I were recently given the opportunity to choose socks from http://www.uncommonfeet.com for this review. 

If your family is anything like mine, socks are something you need a lot of. I do not like cold toes, and I keep socks on most of the time. My friend in Colorado shared a picture of their snow covered back porch yesterday...in May! It feels like summer here in Louisiana. Either way, in their cold or our air conditioning, I want comfortable socks. These socks are comfortable, soft, and cute.

Aren't these just the cutest socks? As if we don't have enough cats on the farm already! Now my daughter has cats warming her toes. I chose the elephant print in green and dark gray. My girls and I all received women's matched sets. These fit our feet (ranging from size 8 to 12) perfectly.  For you adventurous friends, they also offer mismatched socks! 

My girls' feet: 

My son claimed the pair that would have perfectly fit my husband: Airplane Pilot socks for men in navy blue. They are just a little too big for him, but they are now his favorite socks.

So far, none of these have been lost in the dryer. Do socks disappear at your house? Look and see what design you would choose first. This is a fun idea for a Father's Day gift, too.

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  1. Those are cute! I like fun socks, but we usually go for a whole bunch of the same ones so we don't have to worry about pairing them up.


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