Oak Meadow Giveaway

Today we have a HUGE giveaway for you! I've joined up with Only Passionate Curiosity, Oak Meadow, and a few other bloggers to bring you a giveaway worth up to $500 dollars. If you haven't purchased your curriculum for next year, you can win a full grade level of your choice!

Oak Meadow Giveaway
This is a full curriculum, complete with a syllabus and teacher's guide, but don't let the amount of books in the package fool you--your child will get a ton of movement and exploration and discovery time each day. The science lessons contain many hands on, observation-based, and outdoor activities which help your child explore the world around them. For example, while learning about clouds, your child will go outdoors each day to observe them and identify what they see, while illustrating a “cloud journal.” When learning about salt water biomes, your child can visit the beach, or read a book about the ocean if you don’t live close to a beach or aquarium.

In the first 4 grades (K-3) concepts are taught through beautiful stories. For example, you learn about trade goods through a story about a family trading goods for services. In Grade 4, information for science and social studies is given directly in text form, with plenty of well done graphics and diagrams. The short stories are replaced with quality literature, which the student reads and responds to throughout the year in Language Arts.

For the younger grades, social Science is also taught through the use of stories. Each week, you will tell or read an included story which will be the basis of the lesson for the week. The social science section includes suggestions for discussion about the story, copywork relating to the story, and both active and main lesson book-based activities (such as illustrating, looking at a globe, or creating something) which reinforce the lesson.

Oak Meadow has curriculum for K-12, and is Waldorf inspired, especially in the early years. This means that it is creative and playful, and uses traditional folk and fairy tales to teach children about the world around them. The curriculum has wonderful multi-sensory activities and teaches in a way that appeals to children, through movement, rhythm, and beauty. The program itself is not open-and-go, but IS set up in a format that is user-friendly.

Oak Meadow is especially good for creative, active children; especially for families that value flexibility and family routines. Oak Meadow offers families several different options, to either use their Homeschool curriculum independently or through enrollment in their fully accredited distance learning school, which offers teacher support and official school records.

Do you want to learn more before you enter? Only Passionate Curiosity has detailed reviews for grades one, three, four and five. Check them out, and then enter to win!

Homeschooling with Oak Meadow

Oak Meadow is giving you, my lovely readers, a chance to win an entire grade level curriculum! The winner will get to choose the grade level, Kinder - 8th grade, a value of $325 up to $510, no small potatoes. We'll even be choosing a second place winner, who will receive a hundred dollar gift card to Oak Meadow's store, where you can get curriculum, craft kits, or books to help you on your homeschool journey.

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