Koru Naturals~ A Review from New Zealand!

Emu Oil from Koru Naturals

I'm fascinated by Emus. They have gorgeous eggs, and their appearance is quite unique, too. We used to drive past an Emu farm fairly often, and I wondered how they were beneficial to the farmer. When I heard that the Schoolhouse Review Crew would be trying out products from Koru Naturals including their Emu Oil, I began to read and learn about the many benefits it offered. Koru Naturals, a New Zealand company, also carries a line of products featuring lanolin. For this review, we received a 2 oz. bottle of their clarified Emu oil and a 3.52 oz container of New Zealand Pure and Simple Lanolin Cream.

The  first thing that my daughters and I tried with these products was using the Koru Naturals Emu oil in our hair. We have tried coconut oil treatments in the past. While coconut oil does make my hair feel soft, it also has left it oily and required repeated shampooings to completely remove it. In contrast, the emu oil only required 5-6 drops, and we all agree it made our hair feel softer. Added bonus-- it didn't leave it feeling oily even when used on dry hair!

My lips have been dryer than normal this winter. Our colder than typical weather means our heater has been pumping a lot of dry hot air into our house. My skin feels it. I've been drinking tons of water and slathering on lip balm over and over. I need something to moisturize my skin, my hair, my face, and my lips. In addition to working a few drops of emu oil at a time through my hair, I tried it as a face and skin moisturizer. I also used the lanolin cream, and I even covered my dry heels with it at night to see if it would help them. I need to be more consistent with that. This lanolin cream is thick but easy to spread. It has a light fragrance that reminds me of baby lotion, but the container lists the last ingredient as rosemary oil. It did leave more of an oily residue than the emu oil which completely rubbed into my skin.

Lanolin Cream from Koru Naturals

Did you hear about the time that my son cut his hand with his pocket knife and nearly gave me a heart attack? It was over half a year ago but still makes my heart race. It turned out that he was investigating the inside of a disposable camera. After a scary visit to the ER, he ended up with this scar on his hand. It is almost an inch long and still quite visible. 

This picture was taken on January 22nd (while he helped make chocolate popcorn.) 

I remember using lanolin when I had newborn babies, but in the therapy clinic we used it for something different--scar massage. Scar tissue grows thick and stands out from the smoothness of the surrounding skin. Scar massage is often done with lanolin rubbed over the scar (unbroken skin) in a circular pattern. I tried this with Joseph using this Lanolin Cream from Koru Naturals and even taught him how to do it himself. 

This picture was taken March 3rd--same counter, same lighting, but different angle of his hand as I had less cooperation from the subject of the picture as he was focused on eating his sandwich. The scar is still visible but noticeably improved. 

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Koru Naturals Review


  1. Great review! I loved the Koolpurrie Restoring Balm. Can't wait to try more of these.

    1. Your review made me want to try that, too. I think a basket full of their products would be a really nice gift.

  2. Amazing difference in his scar. I remember rubbing Lauren's scar to help it heal better, and I wish I had one of these products to use instead of the chemical-laden stuff I bought at the time.

    1. It is getting smoother, though his daddy said something about scars adding character. You did so much to help Lauren, and it shows. We use so many more natural things in our home than when the kids were babies, but there always seems to be more we could change.


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