Branson's Promised Land Zoo

The following is a review of an attraction that you won't want to miss next time you visit Branson.

Branson vacation

Behind the unassuming signs on the Shephard of the Hills expressway in the middle of Branson, we discovered what became one of our favorite vacation experiences ever. Branson's Promised Land Zoo was more exciting than any other zoo we have visited, and we have visited many.    

Buckaroo Brice showed us the special inhabitants of their zoo and we explored and observed until it was time to feed the babies. 

Branson Vacation

It was interesting to see different varieties of animals together in the same areas. We all got to feed the animals. The other thing in my husband's hand by the cup of food was a parakeet stick. That was our next stop after we fed the babies. 

825 pictures y'all! That is why it has taken me so long to share with you; there is just so much to share. We all loved watching Olivia the baby baboon who put on quite a show for us. Tookey and Calamity Jane are the larger ones.  

baby baboon baby baboon

baby zebraWe watched the tiger Bruce Lee and lioness Dahlia, European Fallow deer, Nubian hibex, baby goats, and the two baby zebras Zandy ~3 months (snorted on Joseph) and Zoe about 2 1/2 months old (I fed.) One of Emily's favorites was the 10 month old camel named Carl. 

Promised Land Zoo Branson

The hyena seemed to play with my son. As Joseph ran outside the pen, it ran with him then even jumped.

hyena race

We had previously read about Caracals in Debra Haagen's book. Em said they acted like her cats, lifting their neck as if they wanted to be pet. Double fences kept us a safe distance from the carnivores. 

Parakeet Paradise was amazing! That alone would have made the day fabulous. My husband bought extra "parakeet sticks" to feed them, and we went back there again.

Parakeet Paradise

Parakeet Paradise

Parakeet Paradise

Parakeet Paradise

Have you ever pet a kangaroo?
baby kangaroo

The Black Tailed Prairie Dog has a yip hop (males) "yip" then flip in the air. 

Orange Julius (pictured) is an albino Burmese Python (about 65 pounds) and his mom Banana (in a room inside) is 17 feet and about 160pounds, the largest albino in the US. 

burmese python

At the Promised Land Zoo, they eat once a month; in the wild they could survive 5 months without eating. Joseph was brave and touched the snake with Grandpa.  

Another thing I loved--they shared passages of Scripture throughout the zoo. 

It's unanimous. We all want to go back. 

Visit their website or connect on Facebook.

Disclaimer: Our family of five received 5 free tickets to Branson's Promised Land Zoo for the purpose of this blog post. No other compensation was provided. In fact, we liked it so much that we told my in-laws about it and they purchased tickets and joined us there that same evening. Our tickets lasted all day, and we only left for lunch. 

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