On the First Day of Christmas

Does your Christmas celebration end on December 25th or do you celebrate the 12 days of Christmas through Epiphany? We have a real tree this year, and we are still enjoying the soft glow the colorful lights add to the living room. We are in a more relaxed mode including sleeping late and more family activities than usual. I'm not at all ready for our decorations to be packed away.

Many years ago my sisters and I would make spiced tea every year with our parents in time to give jars of the mix to our teachers for Christmas gifts. As we got older, we mixed it together each year when we all went back home for Thanksgiving. Today we made two batches to enjoy through the cold weather and to share.

Doing forget to check IEW's website every day for the next 12 days for their 12 Days of Christmas Giving. We slept in this morning, even the kids did, but I know a few Canadian friends are out for Boxing Day shopping.

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If you share about your family's ongoing activities to celebrate Christmas, you can read more where I'm linking with Kym at Homeschool Coffee Break.


  1. Is that "Orange Spice" or "Russian" tea? We used to make this at our little 2 room schoolhouse in MT... Tang and Iced tea mix...? Fun memory you brought back. ;)

    1. Yes, that's the one. I've heard it called Russian tea. The link to the recipe we use is in the second paragraph above. It is a comfort from childhood if I have a sore throat. Enjoy!

  2. Your tea mix sounds great and sounds like a nice tradition. I can't wait for the tree to come down. Now that Christmas is over, I'm ready to get things back to normal. I usually leave it up till 3 kings day which is tradition here in Europe but I think it's coming down the day after New Years! :0)

  3. I remember making Russian Tea too - very similar recipe, if not exactly the same! What a great Christmas season memory. Thanks for linking up to my 12 Days of Christmas post!


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