Scripture and a Snapshot

     My girls are less than two years apart, so though she easily adapted to the role of big sister, Heather was still a baby when Emily was born. I remember walking into the living room from the adjoining dining room to see Emily in Heather's arms. I was so scared that she would drop her before I reached her. Both were fine, but for months after that Emily was moved from room to room with me as she slept in her basket. 

    "Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him." 
     Psalm 62:5

      This week, I'm changing things up a bit. I have enjoyed my friend Cristi's "years ago" spin on another blog linky and wanted to follow her lead of sharing pictures of earlier in her children's lives. Recently she even shared a picture of her own childhood. It is always fun to look with my children through picture books, theirs, mine, and even my dad's though his baby book doesn't have many pictures. My daughter made me a set of bookmarks earlier this year, each one has a different verse shared on the back in her lovely, steady script. This one about rest reminded me of her big sister sleeping in her striped pjs when she was a baby. She slept so soundly, but as first time parents my husband and I had to check on her even in her sleep to make sure she was okay. Both of us liked her little striped pjs because we could easily see the little changes in the stripes as she breathed, another sign that we could leave her alone, though not really alone. God was watching over her so much better than we could. I didn't find a picture of her sleeping in those striped pajamas, but I found a few others of the girls sleeping. These are copied from scrapbooks made before we had a digital camera, so please bear with me as some are a bit fuzzy.

Christmas night, how I found them after a very full day.

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Scripture and Snapshot

This sweet baby is planning to sing in church again tomorrow. 
It doesn't seem like that was 15 years ago.


  1. How sweet to see your photo memories!

  2. Your photos were so sweet! It's amazing to how fast the years can go by! Blessings!


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