Random 5 on Friday

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The Pebble Pond
  • Moms' Night Out made it to the top of our Netflix queue and we watched it this week for the first time. It made me laugh. And cry. Good movie!  
"You know what I wanted to be when I was a kid? ... This! This is my dream. I am living it!" 
  • So after co-op Monday I casually told the kids they didn't have to do school this week because it was Thanksgiving. One of my daughters didn't believe me. 
  • I'm not Black Friday shopping this year. But I am going to a store. One of the shops in our little town agreed to sell products from Cuts by Laser that we made!!! I'm meeting with their buyer Friday! I'm still working on our website, but for now please visit our Facebook page.
  • In other Black Friday news, Lilla Rose is having an amazing sale. Right now! Are you still reading? Go shop already. Look for prettyhair in the URL for my website. http://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair

  • We had a lot of soup this week and I used most of our homemade chicken stock. Now I'm making turkey stock like last year after Thanksgiving. We haven't made more homemade noodles yet. 

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