Random 5 on Friday

The Pebble Pond

  • At our family meals as a child, my dad would often share with us about someone he stopped and helped that day. This week, I'm thankful for the stranger who stopped and helped him. She said God told her to help the old man. The old man part, though, is kinda sad. 

My sweet girl, to me, as she drove home "Tell me where to exit."
Me "you tell me. Where do we live?" 
Her "the woods." 
She has my sense of direction. And my succinct way of stating the obvious. 
  • Chicken stock is simmering in the crock pot again. It makes savory recipes taste so much better than adding water. 

    unique child gift
  • My kids made homemade noodles last week. I'm ready for more. They would pair perfectly with that chicken broth. 

  • We are having fun creating new things in the Cuts by Laser shop. Tonight's latest creations were a name puzzle and a robot ornament. Please click through to my Facebook page and let me know what else we should try to make. 
personalized ornament for child
Isn't this the cutest robot? My son designed it! 

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  1. So glad someone listened to the Lord and help your Daddy. BTW, my daughter would have probably answered the same. Too funny. Your laser cut shop is amazing. Are you on Etsy?

    1. So am I, Tori!
      I tried an Etsy shop but changed plans and am working on a website. For now we just have the Facebook page which is linked above.


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