The First Day of October ~ One Day in the Life of ourHomeschoolingFamily

"Rabbit rabbit" she said with a grin, my oldest daughter's first words to me after midnight before running down the hall and telling her sister, then  brother, and finally daddy, all who had just gone to bed. She stayed up with me a little while longer.

My husband woke me up around 6:30. His current favorite breakfast is cream of wheat. I cooked while he got ready for work, and then we ate together on the front porch. 

After he left, my quilt, mug of coffee, Bible, and book to help finalize a review were with me on the porch swing. The air was still, but minuscule biting knats made soon me go back inside. 


My soundtrack outside was the hum of the hummingbird, a few soft twinkles of the chimes, and nature all around me. Back inside, I turned the air off, but the refrigerator still hummed.  Music often fills our house. I kept it soft while the kids still slept. I finished up my crew review for IEW's grammar; I recommend it. By the way, new applications will soon be accepted now for next year's TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew!

Monday was my son's very first homeschool co-op experience. Then we spent the majority of Tuesday in the Cuts by Laser shop. By Wednesday we needed to stay home, both to catch up on housework and to make sure the kids were on track with their lessons. Our days at home start with Bible reading, breakfast, and chores. I like the slower mornings like this one when I wake up before the kids and can get a head start on the basics. The washing machine runs a few loads on the days we are home. This day, the second load was the girls' sheets.

Joseph tried out the app for IXL this morning. It is a current schoolhouse crew review which he had only done on the computer before. Some days we do more together. Today they all did more of their individual lessons.

We opened windows for a little while. It is cooler in the mornings now, but by noon it felt like summertime again. 

Emily and Joseph prepared noodles for our lunch. He isn't quite that tall yet; he was standing on a stool looking for just the right seasoning. The noodles were delicious. After co-op Monday, Joseph found the Lego movie at the library. While watching with him that night, I planned "taco Tuesday." My dad cooked chicken and rice for all of us Tuesday night, so tacos became our Wednesday night plan. The kids all continued their schoolwork after lunch, helped me clean a bit, and then had a relaxing afternoon. We did indeed enjoy Taco Wednesday for dinner. 

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  1. What a lovely view from your porch! How wonderful to have it warm up by the afternoon! Those days are fewer and further in between, but we enjoy them when they happen. Wonderful photos of your day!

    1. Thanks Michelle. Here in south Louisiana, the very cold days are the ones that are few and far between. It got down to the 50s last weekend, but is back to the 90s now. I love the days when my husband is home and my son can join him in projects outside.

  2. Love the peaceful view from your porch, and that you can enjoy breakfast with your hubby.

    1. Thanks Kym. Those mornings are treasured.

  3. (Not sure if my comment went through.) I love the outdoors photo. I really need to force us to get out more. Hopefully the mosquitoes will die down will the cooler weather and I can.

    1. Biting bugs of all kinds are such a nuisance. I'm still searching for a natural bug repellant that works.


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