Not Quite How I Planned To Start The Day

Two days ago my husband came home from work with a big box of muscadines from his boss. We all ate a few, but jelly seemed like the right thing to do with the majority of them. Yesterday, after finishing our lessons, two of my kids went next door to spend the rest of the afternoon with my parents. Heather stayed home with me and helped me start the process of turning muscadines into jelly. She helped locate and then sterilize jelly jars, mash the fruit in the pot, gather lids and canning supplies, and then we just stopped. The jars weren't quite done in the dishwasher, so after straining the fruit we turned the pot down, and I forgot all about making jelly for a few hours.

Fast forward to much later last night. I noticed my husband frying liver (something he cooks for himself  as no one else favors it; the rest of us had homemade pizza.) But seeing him cooking made me remember the jelly. So both girls helped me turn that beautiful plum colored liquid into jelly. Our late night snack was what didn't fit into the jars on top of sliced homemade bread, and it was so good.

My plan all along was to wake up early this morning and cook breakfast. We have made a lot of different kinds of jelly this summer. Earlier this summer after I sent freshly made biscuits with a jar of homemade jelly for my husband to share with his coworkers, he got a raise. Not that I'm at all taking credit for that fact, but his boss did share this fruit. It just seemed like a good plan to send biscuits with jelly to work with him again.

Imagine finding the perfect recipe. Simple. Only four ingredients. Fast. Delicious. I found it. Just search for four ingredient biscuits and you'll see the one. That was my plan. I hopped out of bed and immediately tripped over the plastic crate I had filled while cleaning yesterday. Y'all, I've never seen a bruise happen so fast. A lump the size of a grapefruit and an ugly blue bruise popped up before I even made it to the kitchen. My sweet husband checked on me and filled a bag with ice, but I was still determined to make those biscuits. Step one-- melt butter in baking pan. Now I know I saw butter in our fridge last night when I planned biscuits. I asked my husband to look, and he told me he used it in the liver he cooked then he handed me the Crisco. Sigh. This was not my plan. 

I found everything else, mixed it all up, and then Mitch even filled the paper plate to take with him while I tested out his homemade ice pack. They look good. I'll find out after the kids wake up. 

Not exactly following the recipe...

  • 6 oz. plain Greek yogurt
  • 2 cups Bisquick mix
  • 1/2 cup 7UP 
I melted a generous spoonful of shortening in the pan while mixing everything else. Just stir it all together. The actual recipe has you roll out the biscuits, but I rushed this morning and just dropped spoonfuls of dough into the hot pan. Bake at 450 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

There are still plenty left for the kids' breakfast when they wake up. Until then I'm keeping the ice pack on my leg.


  1. I have never heard of muscadines before. What kind of fruit is that. I hope all enjoy the jelly and biscuits. Those biscuits look so easy to make.

    1. They are a type of grape with a thick skin. We have muscadine vines but have only ever grown just a handful. I'm thankful that he shared. The biscuits are very easy. Taking time to roll them out makes them more tender, but this way is easier. They do taste better with butter than with shortening, but I used what we had. The kids still liked them.


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