Movie Review: ‘The Identical’

My family and I were given a sneak peek of the movie The Identical. You just might enjoy it as much as I did.

The movie The Identical begins in 1972, and I enjoyed the little glimpses back in time. It quickly flashed back further in time to the main character's birth during the depression. One decision made out of love and desperation sets the background for the rest of the movie. 

The movie tells of two boys growing up in different families, Ryan Wade the preacher's kid whose music appreciation develops in "the honky tonk across the tracks" and Dexter Hemsley "The Dream" and his parents. You can't miss the similarities to Elvis, though his name is only mentioned once in the movie as a star during that time. My husband is a huge Elvis fan, so the differences in the movie and reality stood out to him. Hemsley's Dreamland in Nashville is just one of the similarities. 

The backstory of the movie is sad because of the poor communication between Ryan and his father, the preacher trapped by a promise not to reveal a significant lie. Despite that trap, the preacher dad forgives. The connection between twins fascinates me. A good friend and her twin sister who lives in a different state shared how they both bought identical cards for their father among other almost uncanny stories. This film shows that tie as both boys sing the lullaby-like favorite song of their mother which you can imagine her singing to her other son. 

There is so much to think about in this movie. To me, most of all, this is a story of forgiveness. Watch it, then come back and tell me what you think. The "what if" possibilities provide a lot of food for thought. What if you make a promise to live a lie? The realization of sacrificial love and the acceptance of that love are played out in the story. Watch it through the credits. The vintage styled pictures at the end were a charming touch.

Click this link to get a little taste of the movie: 
THE IDENTICAL -- In Theaters Sept. 5

Press Release:

"A pastor’s son who feels a call to sing, not preach, learns a shocking secret about his life that explains his past and shapes his future in THE IDENTICAL, a drama set against the backdrop of rock ’n’ roll’s 1950s heyday that powerfully explores two questions that constantly tug at our souls: "Who am I?" and "What am I here for?"

Featuring 23 original songs by father/son co-writing team Jerry & Yochanan Marcellino, The Identical is a must-see late summer blockbuster for fans of both classic Rock&Roll, Motown and R&B! Seasoned music industry professional Jerry Marcellino, who has worked with chart-topping acts like Michael Jackson, Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson, brings his and his son's distinct writing style and breadth of experience to The Identical.

Starring Good Fellas alum, Ray Liotta as Pastor Reece Wade, the Divergent’ s Ashley Judd and new comer Blake Rayne, The Identical is one of the most pivotal Rock n’ Roll 50’s coming of age tales ever told."

WATCH THE TRAILER HERE!!!! https://THE IDENTICAL -- In Theaters Sept. 5

and then go watch it at the theater. 

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Disclaimer: My family and I received a limited access online screening of this movie from City of Peace Films. A review was optional; I chose to share because I enjoyed the movie. All opinions shared are my own. No compensation was provided.


  1. I've heard alot of good things about this particular movie. Sounds like it made yall think about alot of things.

  2. Yeah, this looks like a really good movie. I like movies that has a message to share, just like Kirk Cameron's movies..gives the viewer (believers and unbelievers alike) some things to consider and to think about.


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