How We Are Using My Student Logbook for High school Homeschool Recordkeeping

The following logbook was provided by My Student Logbook for the purpose of this TOS Schoolhouse Crew review. 

My ninth grade daughter, my middle child, is the one of us who most likes order. I knew when I first heard of My Student Logbook ($15) that it would be just right for her. She chose the cover and opted for the dated printed version instead of the undated version from My Student Logbook. They also offer a PDF single use or family license.

my student logbook

She likes it "because it helps me keep everything organized. It helps me to see clearly what I have worked on most and what I need to do more." Though my daughter uses this for high school record keeping, it is appropriate for students as young as 2nd grade. My 5th grader does well when expectations are clear. I can see how this would be beneficial for him, as well, though he might choose a cover picture with jets or sea life. There are currently nine different cover options.

butterflies cover highschool planner
"Butterflies" was my daughter's cover choice. 

Videos on the My Student Logbook website provided insight on how to make the log book work best for us. A setup guide as well as how to use it for high school transcripts were very helpful. My daughter and I appreciated that one which clearly detailed how to use the logbook to help keep track of high school credits. She checks off each day she works on each course specifically designed for high school. She tracks time spent on courses comprised of material from multiple sources or nontraditional coursework. It is an effective high school transcript record keeping aid. 

student logbook

Seven days are included on each checklist page of the student logbook so relevant work completed at any time can be tracked. My daughter's book is dated from August 2014 through July 2015. She started using it mid-August and has been able to consistently track her work in every subject. Since we don't follow a typical schedule, this logbook has given both her and me a clear picture of her work. She is easily able to track where she needs to prioritize and make changes, and I'm even more easily able to direct her. As new things are added to her schedule, she simply fills in another space on the list. She has almost filled every space, which has made me realize just how much I am requiring of her for this first year of high school. 

daily student planner

The design of this record book was developed by a mom who shared that she grew weary of constantly feeling behind. Her husband helped her format the design, and they now share with us what is working for their own family. It is not complex. It works. A blank page is torn out, folded, taped, and folded over the edge. If multiple changes are not made, the same one can be used repeatedly for an entire semester. The check off pages that correspond to that list are kept inside the fold, like a folder for that particular lesson plan with a new page for each week. When a new plan is implemented, a new folded page can be started, and the process can be repeated. It is easy. 

Additional pages in the back provided a place to keep records of field trips, Bible verses memorized, books read, test records, and more.

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    1. We have tried so many other ways to keep track of our lessons. I am delighted that this works so well.

  2. Love your ideas. And I love your blog!

    1. Thanks so much Ashley, though I can't take credit for this idea. What one mom used and turned into a business works just right for my daughter.

  3. I am really happy with our Student Logbook! So glad we found out about it.


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