How We Met the Drivers Ed Requirements in Louisiana with Livingston Driving Academy

This is a promotional post. I received a discount of $50 off the $990 fee (for two girls) to share about Livingston Driving Academy with my readers.         

When I got my first Louisiana driver's license years ago, the process was fairly simple. I took drivers ed at my school. The class did not, however, fully prepare me for the responsibility of driving. After my first ticket, the judge ordered me to attend a mandatory defensive driving class which did open my eyes not only to me driving more safely but also to how others around me were driving. Fast forward almost 30 years and now it is time for my daughters to be behind the wheel. Louisiana laws have changed significantly. I pray for their safety as they drive. I'm also making sure they are as prepared as possible.  

Current laws: 

In Louisiana, to get your permit, you just first take a 38 hour drivers ed course. 30 hours in class, and 8 hours driving. Then we will take a written test at the DMV. We took the class last week for four days, and learned more than I ever thought that you would have to know! We learned about the things that can distract you while driving, what to do at intersections and railroad crossings, how to share the road with motorcycles, bicyclists, 18 wheelers, and much more.

We drove to Livingston and went to class from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day. We studied through 17 lessons in a Drive Right textbook, did worksheets with the class, and watched related videos to go along with our lessons. 

We took a lunch break each day and were able to choose from three different places to eat each day, which also gave us practice for wisely spending our money. (We even saved enough for milkshakes on a couple days!) We also had one break in the morning, and two in the afternoon. This gave us time to stretch and look over our notes, or study for the test. On the first day, we learned about road signs, and took a quiz about signs. We also took a test on Thursday, our last day in class, which covered a lot of the information that we had learned in class, and was very similar to the test that we will take at the DMV, after we take our driving test.
When we take our driving test, we will drive for three hours on the first and second day, and two hours on the last day. We will start on rural country roads, then drive in the city and on the interstate. 

There were thirty other kids in the class, and while most of them were from Livingston, some, like us, drove further to get to class each day. 

The girls learned about the "graduated license" process now in effect in Louisiana which reminds me of the laws in Canada that my brother-in-law told us about. Before obtaining a permit, every driver not already licensed must now take both a class and a driving training at an approved driving school.

This is not a homeschool versus public school issue.

Drivers ed

Mrs. Denise was a very funny and sweet teacher. I could always tell that she wanted us to do well in class. If we had a question, she was ready to help us figure it out, and if we missed a question on the test or quiz she was quick to explain he correct answer. She told jokes in class, and was never very serious, keeping us all in a light mood. But if we weren't paying attention she was quick to let us know how important it was for us to do well. We watched a few videos with interviews of kids (and their parents) who went to other driving academies and weren't satisfied with having learned enough to feel comfortable on the road. Mrs. Denise has taught drivers ed for fifteen years, and drove the school bus for thirty years, so she has plenty of experience. After taking her drivers ed class for four days this week, I feel ready to drive.

They schedule a lot of their classes around the typical school breaks. With Thanksgiving holidays coming up, a new class will be starting soon. 
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