Experience History Through Music by Diana Waring

The following books, CDs, and downloads were provided by Diana Waring for the purpose of this launch team review.

As part of the launch team, we received all three American history CD/book sets as either physical books or downloads from DianaWaring.com. The entire songlist for each title is listed on the website. The following are included:

  •  America - Heart of a New Nation – $18.99
  •  Westward Ho! - Heart of the Old West  – $18.99
  •  Musical Memories of Laura Ingalls Wilder  – $18.99

  • During July, the entire bundle is on sale for $50.00.


    "Each Experience History Through Music title contains one book and one CD. The pages of the books hold dozens of historical pictures; bright and interesting stories connecting each of the songs to its moment in history, even sheet music and chord charts! The CDs are rousing , professional recordings that draw in all listeners. The two combine for fond memories and a grand, knee-slapping good time."

    It is no secret that our family enjoys music. Our kids all play instruments, but a loving family member shared earlier this year that they needed to learn blue grass. Sheet music is included for every single song on all three CD's! I think several of these songs will fill that gap.

    My oldest daughter liked reading the historical information shared about the time period when each song was written. She is not my history buff, so her enjoying history is a big deal. These stories are shared in the same way that Diana Waring shared her "back stories" with the team. She is a skilled storyteller. History is interesting! Although designed as a supplement and not a complete curriculum, a homeschooling family could easily turn these musical lessons into a unit study.

    Our family has visited several Little House on the Prairie/Laura Wilder museums, read the books, and watched the television series together. Both girls play the violin, and it was fun listening to songs that were the same ones Pa Ingalls played on his fiddle.

    Emily played Sweet By and By and Pop Goes the Weasel on her violin. Joseph played Yankee Doodle on the keyboard. My daughter shared that the songs are easy to play.

    It is entertaining! Kids (and parents) learn history while reading about the songs being played. "All Night, All Day" is my favorite of all of the songs. I remember singing many of these songs with my sisters. My mom has spent a lot of time sewing with us lately, and she sang along with some of the songs on the CD's, too. We have enjoyed these CD's at home and in our van. 

    Don't miss the author interview with Diana Waring. Below is one of her answers.

    Are these Experience History Through Music products to be used as curriculum?  Is there a schedule to follow?
    "Though students can experience American history through these three books and CDs (and have a lot of fun in the process), it is not an actual curriculum. They are supplementary materials that can be enjoyed by anyone.  There is no specific schedule to follow, no tests to take. You might describe it as a sort of "stealth academics," meaning that your kids will be having so much fun singing the songs, they won't even realize they are learning.  But YOU will."



    1. This is amazing! I have a history buff and a Laura Ingalls Wilder fan! This would be such a fun supplement to our other history studies. Thanks so much for sharing!

    2. We loved this! It was so nice to explore history from a different angle, and not just a dry textbook!

    3. This is the second review I've seen and I want this! I think it would go well with Prairie Primer/American History. Can't wait until we get there! Thanks for sharing!


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