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The following resources were provided by We Choose Virtues for the purpose of this TOS Schoolhouse Crew review.

"I am forgetful." "I am rough." "I am mean." "I refuse to do what I am told." "I am pushy." "I complain." Of course none of us want to identify with those statements. Those are just a few of the options on the extreme negative end of the We Choose Virtues Family Character Assessment. We received their Parenting Cards ($38.49) and this download bundle ($7.99 or included in their homeschool kit) including the Teacher's Handbook, Family Character Assessment, Butterfly Award for kids, Kids of VirtueVille Coloring Book, and Teacher's Handbook, Additional products available for purchase at their website are recommended in the Teacher's Handbook. 

We Choose Virtues was created by family pastors and parents of four children. Read more of their story here

Positive virtues presented in such a way as to incorporate them into a child's daily life are encouraged with We Choose Virtues. The parenting cards are used to introduce each virtue and are designed to be spread over a 12 week period, one per week. Recommended for ages 3-11, I primarily used these cards with my 10 year old son though at times the whole family listened as new virtues were read from the parenting cards. 

The attributes taught in We Choose Virtues include:

  • Attentive
  • Content
  • Diligent
  • Forgiving
  • Gentle
  • Helpful
  • Honest
  • Kind
  • Obedient
  • Patient
  • Perseverant
  • Self-controlled
Cards are available with either KJV or NIrV references. We reviewed the KJV set which uses Scripture verses from the Old Testament, mostly from Psalms and Proverbs.

back side of parenting card for the virtue CONTENT

front side of card
The front of each card clearly displays one of the 12 virtues and the corresponding kid of Virtueville, catchphrase, and Scripture reference. 13 double sided 8.5x5.5" cards printed on cardstock which feels laminated include one card per virtue and one additional instruction card. 

The printable "Butterfly Award" is so named because of the comparison in the program of "old ways" to a caterpillar and the above list of virtues evidence of emerging as a butterfly.

The 56 page teacher's handbook is written to a classroom teacher and includes suggestions for implementing the program including activities, definitions, tools, quotes, stories, and more. One activity suggestion is to integrate virtues into your classroom rules and asking when a problem arises "Do you need to change your attitude or your action?" The 12 virtues are organized into three categories which are "the attitudes behind the actions of good behavior" namely obey, be kind, and be a helper. Those three rules can be translated as honor authority, respect others, and be responsible.

A magnifying glass is used to illustrate focusing on virtues. Journaling and identifying virtues in others are additional activity suggestions. The kids of Virtueville hold objects to help recall each virtue such as a duck for diligent.

Though I think my son benefited from us using these cards together, I also know that I have benefited from using them as well. I can easily identify problems and fuss, but the cards encourage family members to both live out each virtue and look for them in each other. "Words of hope spoken over your child will inspire change." I'm still working to speak words of hope more than words of criticism. 

These cards have provided a gentle concise way to present the virtues opposites of undesirable character traits. The catchphrases help them to be easily remembered. If instead of my first statements above you would like to hear "I am helpful," "I am content," "I am honest," or "I am self-controlled" stated as a positive fact by your child, then you may want to try We Choose Virtues with your own family. Ten minutes a day with these parenting tools can make a difference. 

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