Blog Tune-Up -- Commenting on Blogs

Do you blog or want to start blogging? A little bit of blog etiquette can make a big impact. Jenn at Simblissity Cottage is sharing a summer blog beautification project and has invited blogging friends to join in.

After my first six months of comments I read another bloggers tip that each comment should be answered. Oh! I didn't know and had not been doing that. I try to be consistent about that now. Sometimes I reply to comments on my blog right under the comments written to me. Sometimes I reply to more personal comments by email. Sometimes I click through the comment and reply on the commentator's blog, but occasionally that click doesn't take me to the blog of the comment's author. Where do you look for replies to comments you leave on blogs?

This subject can't be addressed without also mentioning one little pet peeve. Please disable captcha or word verification on your blog comments, especially if you moderate comments, too. There are times when I try over and over and can't get past that code, even more often when reading blogs from my iPad. Do yourself a favor and turn that feature off. You might just see an increase in the amount of comments on your blog if you make that change from your blog's dashboard.

Jenn's first assignment: Define the purpose of your room:
I want my blog to be like my home, welcoming to everyone, cozy, and rather informal. My purpose in life is to share the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. I hope my blog always shows that. My blog is for me and my family first, a way to look back on memories that I don't always include in our digital scrapbooks. It is also for other moms. I review home school curricula, books, and resources that may be just what another mom is looking for. I'm an Occupational Therapist, and occasionally I share therapy related resources and tips which you can find by clicking the OT View label. I cook without recipes most of the time, a little of this and a little of that. When teaching my girls, though, I want them to be able to replicate recipes we all like in their own homes in the future. Because of that, I also share recipes. Tutorials are shared for the same reason as well as for my blog readers. Sometimes my girls share hair tutorials and links to our website with products they use in each style. My blog, like my reading choices and curriculum style is eclectic, but maybe this little summary will help you find resources here that are helpful to you. I've rambled a bit about that, but it sums up my purpose here. Go read Jenn's much more elegant version and join us throughout the summer for her continuing blog improvement series.


  1. Hi Jennifer! Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I try to comment on every comment. I use to be quicker at it, but I still get around. Thankful for the many ways I can interact with my readers. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. Yikes, I don't always reply directly to comments on my blog! Unfortunately on my platform, my reply doesn't get sent to the person who left the comment. But no reason not to leave one, right? Connecting is key. Thank you for the reminder!

  3. Great reminder about commenting. So many times, I answer in my head and don't take time to say something. That doesn't help anyone! It takes only a moment to jot a note; I'm trying to get better about it.

    I LOVE your purpose for your blog. It sounds lovely and just perfect!

  4. Jennifer,
    I reply to all non-spam comments on my blog, though I do it in batches a few times a month. Trying to make a weekly 'reply to all comments' morning before everyone in the house wakes up. I'll never be like the bloggers who reply within an hour to each comment. How they manage is beyond me.
    I'm with you on the layers of obstruction between me typing in a comment and it appearing on a blog. Moderating is fine, but moderating + captcha? Come on!

    Thanks for a thought-provoking post!


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