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He giveth power to the faint; and to them that have no might he increaseth strength. Isaiah 40:29 (KJV)
     My son bought himself a pocket knife on Friday. Not his first knife, but it was his first traumatic injury while using one. He screamed for me from the other side of the house. I saw the blood then held him first before I went into fix-it mode. Pressure, elevate, check. "Hold it above your heart!" My strength was only from God. Then Joseph got scared when he heard the word stitches. His dad and I cleaned him up and tried sealing his wound, but he ended up needing a trip to the ER. Steri-strips and glue fixed him up, no stitches needed after all. The knife is still missing. Somewhere between my inquisitive son's investigation into the inner mechanisms of a plastic disposable camera and running across the house to me, it disappeared. 

     This picture (courtesy of my oldest daughter) doesn't have much to do with the verse until you look closer. That thin little stalk is holding those flowers, unbending, strong enough for the job required of it. It brings to mind another verse about not worrying, just look at how God has made the lillies of the field. My husband was so calm throughout the whole afternoon. Our baby is in fact our third child to need stitches. You'd think I know by now that God is in control no matter what crazy circumstances we end up in. I keep praying for His strength. The ER nurse helped sooth my frazzled nerves, but it was the pharmacy tech who joked with my son as we filled his prescription right at closing time, keeping them all at work later than they planned, that finally got me to move out of panic mode. "Fill the syringe with water and squirt it at your mom." What?! Laughter was just what I needed. And my son, he managed to keep his wound dry while he followed her instructions.

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     Has God given you power and strength this week? 

Scripture and Snapshot


  1. I'm thankful that your son is ok! Those ER trips with kiddos are nerve wracking!

  2. I am glad that your son is OK. Nothing like your child screaming & the sight of blood to put a mom in panic mode. Hope that it heals quickly!

  3. How would we ever learnt o fully rely on God without those kiddos putting us in such frightful circumstances? ;-) Glad he is doing well!

  4. So thankful your son is okay! I know I'll have many such tales to tell when my son gets older. I'm hoping he won't ask for his training wheels to be taken off anytime soon, eek. I love how the Lord worked through the ER nurse and tech - those are the stories your son will tell his son one day.

  5. Sorry to hear that Joseph got heart. I don't think we (as moms) ever get use to our children hurting, but it's a good reminder to know that God is in control. Sometimes give up that control is hard. Miss you Jenn!

    1. I miss you! He is such a tough boy. I held him a lot. He is okay. Somehow, the paper stitches have already mysteriously come off, but at least it is sort of held together now.

  6. sometimes giving ... sorry for the typo ... Gwyn

  7. I completely understand the mode you went into. In certain situations I do the same thing. Thankfully, the rest of my family remains calm :) The Lord gives me strength each day to continue on in life despite trials and tribulations that come my way. He is ALWAYS faithful!

    I'm glad to hear your son is alright, and that you are too! They have an amazing resilience.

  8. i was blessed by a daddy who was mr calm too when these things happened to my three sons. Daddy did the stitch things and I stayed home with the rest of them! and I am a nurse! I enjoy these sunday scriptures. Blessings on your d ay from a grandma

  9. So glad your son is okay!! And very thankful for God's strength that got you through a scary situation - the same strength that has carried me through some tough circumstances as well. The verse you shared is a timely reminder for me, because I have been feeling rather weary lately. :-)


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