Roman Architecture ~ Lessons in History, Science, and Cooperation

  Our projects don't always turn out the way we planned. This Roman arch is a perfect example, but I don't consider the activity a complete failure. 

We are studying MFW's Rome to the Reformation this year, and this Nova DVD (Amazon affiliate link) was a great supplement. My son recognized a few things that he has been learning about. "The Greeks invented concrete, but their mixture could take years to harden. The Romans perfected the technique with the addition of volcanic ash."

Joseph asked "I wonder if the Romans had this much trouble?" One of my daughters suggested maybe people walking on top of the roman arches helped keep them together.

It is a good thing we aren't architects...or Romans...or graded on every project we attempt.

 At least I got to finally use those full boxes of cereal that this project called for. Rice Krispie treats were a success!

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