Pre-Writing App

This is a sponsored post for Kids Academy Company. 

     Almost half of my iPad is filled with handwriting apps. The first thing that really made me want an iPad over two years ago was watching a student using a handwriting app on another OT's iPad. I still haven't found that specific app and wonder if it is even available any more. But handwriting apps for this pediatric therapist are almost an addiction. I opened another one and tried it out this week. Preschool Kids Games & Kid' Puzzles for curious girls and boys is actually a pre-writing app. Tracing letters and listening (and seeing pictures) to words beginning with each letter is built in to the cartoon style app. The free version gives gives a sample of more available with in-app purchases.

   "Learn Interactive ABC Alphabet Phonics tracing with educational app based on Montessori match letter quiz and logical math game for toddler, kindergarten children iPad free by Kids Academy"

Disclaimer: This sponsored post is a Sverve campaign.

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