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     While vacationing with friends last year, my friend Wendy changed how I use Pinterest. Before, I randomly pinned things with the same disorganization as is typical for many things I do before finding a system that works. I've always said if I have a place for everything it is easier to keep everything in its place. She described Pinterest as a bulletin board and said she had spent time organizing hers. I didn't know that was possible before, but I came home and re-organized all those little boxes that were quickly filling up with stuff that I like. Now, I have an organized place to go when I have time to try out new things. Visit my Pinterest boards and you will see collections of things from favorite recipes to things I'd like to do with my kids. I have an entire board devoted to ideas of fun things to do in our yard. My favorite boards are the secret boards. Did you know that you can make them group boards, too? I share one of those with each of my kids and enjoy seeing them pin things they are saving money for as well as activities we might enjoy together.

     I have a few group boards. Read the descriptions then if you'd like to join any of them just follow it and share your email associated with your Pinterest account so I can add/invite you to it.
Below are some of my homeschool related boards:

     Since it is Occupational Therapy month I'll share my OT related boards, too:
     And just for fun:

     Do you use Pinterest in your homeschool lesson planning? The Old Schoolhouse Review Crew has a fun theme for the roundup this week: "That's Pinteresting!" Visit the other blogs linking for their Pinteresting posts.

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