Virtual Refrigerator

Spelling and art, why yes! I'll be sharing more soon in a review of the brand new Spelling You See. For now, you get a sneak peek of some of the fun my son has been having with his spelling lessons.
Art in motion

When he finished that lesson, his big sis shared that poem as a song on her harp. 

Yes, that is a bicycle behind her in our living room. With the return of lovely weather, we have resumed our family bike rides. My husband has been riding my 25 year old bike with never a complaint, but when he had to keep stopping to replace the chain last weekend, we knew it was past time for a replacement. He started putting his new bike together last night. 

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  1. How neat to combine spelling and art. I just ordered Spelling You See for my daughter. I can't wait for it to get here. I look forward to reading your review.

    1. You must have ordered it as soon as it was available. I hope it is as great a fit for your daughter as it is for our son.

  2. pretty cool to combine spelling and art. I wish that had been available when my kids were just learning.

  3. That's a neat idea. Beautifully illustrated


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