The Egg-cellent Easter Adventure and Egglo Glow in the Dark Eggs

The following products were provided by Egglo Entertainment for the purpose of this TOS Schoolhouse Crew review.

My son has enjoyed these glow in the dark eggs from Egglo Entertainment. Even though he saw each component in the package when it arrived, he still looked forward to opening the eggs and finding the scrolls inside. He helped me lay them out to soak up the sunlight day after day so he could see them in the dark each night. Each of the 12 eggs has a cross on it as a reminder of Jesus' light. 

We received everything listed below to review: 

The Egglo Treasures Scripture Scrolls were my favorite part of the kit that we received. Each tiny rolled up scroll had a Bible verse printed on the tiny plastic coated paper which corresponded with the book and lesson. References in the book and study are from the NIrV. Verses were shortened to fit on the little scrolls which when opened were just a slight bit larger than 1x2 inches. Other than the tiny rubber band that secures them closed, they are easy for small fingers to manipulate. Additional printable scrolls are also included in the Egg-cellent Adventure Program Guide. 

The 64 page Egg-cellent Adventure Program Guide is filled with ideas for Easter games and activities all with the ultimate purpose of sharing the light of Jesus. It even includes decoration and snack suggestions, coloring sheets, and a selection of printable invitations for your event. It is recommended that the activity leader read the true account from the Bible followed by the snack and activity suggestions that you choose. 

The 40 page paperback book is a stand alone fiction adventure story, but combined with the scrolls and eggs it becomes a hands on adventure for your child. The Scripture verses shared on the scrolls were not all identical to the ones in the story. I read the story with my son who didn't want me to stop reading. Mysterious travel to exotic places, a dog with diving gear, and clues to follow kept his attention. That he was able to recall memory verses that were used in the story was a nice bonus. 
"The Bible verse from the Easter egg talked about having courage, that God is always with us."..."What do you think God wants us to do?" Ana meekly answered, "Pray and trust Him." Quote from page 20. 

Discussion questions about the book are provided in the program guide. I read these to my son and he was able to easily answer them. Review questions for discussion about the related Bible passages are also shared. These were more relevant to life than the questions and answers from the story. 

Question 10: "The disciples saw Jesus do many more miraculous signs,
but not all of them are written in the Gospels. The
things that are written in the Gospels are there for
what reason?"
Answer: "So that we may believe that Jesus is God’s Son and that
we may have life in His name."

Though this product can be adapted to work with any age, it is ideal for roughly ages 4-13. It was just the right level for my nine year old son. Though he enjoyed me reading the book aloud with him, we also received an audio version in the form of an mp4 file. 

Egglo eggs and story are designed to help children learn the true meaning of Easter through play. The glow in the dark Easter egg hunt event curriculum is a program guide for churches or individuals to do an egg hunt using their program. 

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If egg hunts are fun to your kids, you can probably guess how much mine enjoyed the glow in the dark Easter egg hunt. There are possibilities for using these beyond Easter, too. My son suggested a glow in the dark egg hunt with the eggs in the pool once it is hot enough to swim outside. 

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