Quaker Breakfast Shakes

The following is a sponsored blog post for Quaker Breakfast Shakes. 

     Mornings can be rushed in our house, so I am always happy to learn about fast and nutritious breakfast options. We received both strawberry and chocolate Quaker breakfast shakes to try and share about with you. My three kids liked them as much as I did. The chocolate was a smooth flavor, a bit different than chocolate milk. I read of an idea to try it as a fudgecycle, and I want to try that when we get more. The strawberry flavor was our favorite. It was sweet, but not too sweet. And then we tried it as a slushy, see below for just how easy that was to do. 

From the package to the fridge, then served. I like the simplicity.

As delicious as these were straight from the chilled bottle, they were even better as a partially frozen slushy treat. I simply placed half the bottle of the strawberry shake in the freezer until it was starting to freeze but not solid. After removing it from the freezer, I shook it to completely mix up the slushy goodness. It was like ice cream for breakfast. This is going to be perfect for our hot Louisiana summer mornings.

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