When Calls The Heart ~ Episode Five

                         A review of the Hallmark Channel series When Calls The Heart

     In this episode of WHEN CALLS THE HEART, two wagons filled with miners (only single men this time) pull into the dust covered town and pour into the saloon/schoolhouse. Interrupted lessons foreshadow other changes to this developing community filled with widows. The schoolchildren prepare decorations for the miners dance, and excitement builds with the planning of the annual event. 

     "Remarkable," "courageous," and "grace under fire" are some of the words used to describe the women of Coal Valley. Their different responses to hardships and struggles continue to unfold. The way the ladies support each other even while they are struggling is an inspiring story. 

     Don't miss the fifth episode of this series tonight on the Hallmark Channel. Don't forget to come back and share what you think. 

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     One of my daughters shared how much she likes Erin's hats. The other one found Jannette Oke's Canadian West series when we went to the library this week. Are you inspired to create or sew by what you watch? Does a good movie or series make you want to read the book that inspired it?
     Disclaimer: As a blogger, I participated in a special, press-only screening for this new episode of Hallmark’s new television seriesWHEN CALLS THE HEART. No compensation has been received for this blog post.

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  1. Yes! even book covers inspire me with ideas - luving the pelisse on Headmistress of Rosemere - makes me want to attend the Jane Austen Festival in Bath UK =) !!


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