Regency Style Braided Bun Tutorial

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braided bun

     My daughter created this Regency inspired hairstyle for her little sister. It uses Lilla Rose you-pins, two mini ponytails, and a few bobby pins. 

     To start, divide hair into two equal parts, one part on the top and one on the bottom. Pull the top hair up out of the way.  

     Separate a small amount of hair at the back of each ear, (take this hair from the bottom half of her hair.) Braid each small part into a loose braid, pulling it towards to opposite ear as you braid, so that it drapes in the right direction in the end. After braiding those two sections, you can secure the ends temporarily with bobby pins, then push them out of the way. 

     Now braid the remaining part of the bottom of her hair, but start at the middle of the back of her head, rather than the nape of her neck.

     Divide the top separated half of her hair into three, and prepare to braid it. Before braiding it, however, separate a small section of hair from the left section, and braid it. Now, braid the top section, incorporating the top small braid in with the left section of hair. The smaller braid is the one visible above her ear in the picture below. This braid should be right above the first large braid. 

beautiful braids
     This picture shows the small braid incorporated into the left section. There could also be an identical one added to the right side. 

     Twist the top large braid into a bun, and secure the ends of the braid with bobby pins. Wrap the bottom braid around the middle bun.  Using you-pins, catch the outer braid and the inner bun to secure the whole bun.

     To complete the regency style, take one of the first small braids, which are behind each ear, and drape them below the bun, securing them with bobby pins at the top or sides of the bun, depending on how long her braids are. 

     Optional: If you braided the large braids loosely, you should be able to pancake the outer edges of each braid. To do this, grab just the outer edges of her hair, and pull, so that the section of hair spreads out a bit.
antique style hair pins

     This style is adorned with the Lilla Rose Antique Style You-Pins UP1-1920 which are available from http://www.lillarose.biz/prettyhair (be sure the URL says prettyhair).

braided up do

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