Last Saturday Morning

     My daughter woke up, got dressed, and prepared for her school day. My husband left early to help a friend with their car, so the house felt like it does on our typical weekdays. The rest of us are rarely home without him and without plans on a Saturday morning. Apparently my sweet girl even argued with her big sister about what day it was, but she did eventually realize she didn't have to do schoolwork. She went outside to care for her pets. My son started to sit at the table with his waffles, but I told him he could watch cartoons. That is how I remember Saturday mornings with my sisters when I was little; Saturday mornings at home meant cartoons. "Like at a hotel!" was his happy reply, then he picked out Clone Wars for his breakfast entertainment. I guess we are more relaxed at hotels, which makes sense. Do you repeat many of your own childhood routines with your own children?

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