Everything Is AWESOME!

     My son is sick this week. We took the kids to see The Lego Movie last week, and that song has been stuck in our head. "Everything is Awesome" only here, not everything is. My son and I both have coughs. His is worse than mine, and neither of us feels awesome. But we are still "doing school." 

     Instead of our normal lesson plans, I  changed things up a bit to be easier on both of us. We watched some educational videos and I shared websites that I knew would interest him. 

     Recently he asked about what soldiers eat. This post with pictures of what different armies are fed in the field perfectly answered that  question. I thankfully though not so fondly remember MREs from after hurricane Katrina, but was surprised to see Tabasco sauce in the British pack.

     This one was just for fun. Dubbed "Legography," one photographer added an interesting twist at each new photo shoot.

     Snuggled beside me in bed, my son listened as I read the Casebook of Sherlock Holmes (affiliate link) out loud to him. When the side note explained enteric fever was typhoid fever, Joseph remembered what he had heard and read of Typhoid Mary. He now wants me to read more, but at the time he started snoring before I completed the first chapter. 

     Later he got to enjoy jello that his big sister made for him. It was his favorite color, so even a sick day did end up being a little awesome. 

double decker couch

      How do you like my son's reproduction of the double decker sofa?

     My girls had to mostly do their independent lessons with input but less direct teaching from me. How do you handle your homeschool schedule when you or one of your children are sick? 


  1. It’s really great when things are not so great and ‘Everything is Awesome’ is what’s running in the background as your life soundtrack. I like the flexibility of home school that allows you to change things a little bit when necessary.

    1. Flexibility is definitely one if the benefits. My husband downloaded the video for my son, so that soundtrack is heard often here. That it would continue all their lives including the not so great times would indeed be awesome.

  2. Anonymous2/26/2014

    Sounds like a great day! We do lots of videos and quiet activity on sick days, too. If Mom's sick, I generally just turn on the TV and try to keep everyone basically alive. ;-)

    1. We were blessed with an Apple TV gadget for Christmas, so we have been watching a lot of videos from the iPad. Technology is even more of a blessing during times like this.

  3. So fun, Jennifer! We've been taking advantage of "Mythbusters" or "Popular Mechanics for Kids" on Amazon Prime during our sick days. (Mom OR son.:)

    But we seriously love Emmet....and your son's double-decker couch!

    1. Thanks, Melanie. I'll have to see if those are available on our Netflix DVD subscription. That subscription is mostly used for television series from my husband's and my childhood which we watch together at night.


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