tiny burial gown

     Most preparations for birth are exciting, filled with anticipation for the day the new baby arrives. Regrettably, pregnancy isn't always guaranteed a happy ending. 

     Wee care is a ministry of SAGA (Smocking Arts Guild of America.) Tiny smocked gowns, bonnets, and blankets are provided to parents, usually for burial gowns. It isn't an easy task to be involved in. My aunt invited my girls and I to join her at monthly SAGA meetings, and we have learned so many other beautiful hand sewing techniques. This, though, is the heart of the group. She told me one way to look past the sadness while stitching on the tiny outfits is to pray for the little baby who will be receiving it and for their family. 

     During the SAGA meeting this month, our project was cutting out wee care kits to be completed and turned back in. The different sizes are designated by the colored dots on the bags. We cut batiste and lace into tiny pieces for the little gowns, bonnets, and blankets, hand stitched works of love. 


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