2014 Virtual Curriculum Fair ~ Math & Science


     This is our second week back to school. Though things are beginning to fall back into place, we are still not completely back to our schoolday routine. This second installment of the 2014 Virtual Curriculum series is all about math and science. 

     Our science plans took a turn away from what I originally intended to teach this year. Though we started with anatomy studies, a review of Apologia's Exploring Creation With Chemistry and Physics led us to change topics to chemistry. A friend recommened this video Nova: Hunting The Elements
 which we started watching this week. This book is on my wishlist: The Elements: A Visual Exploration of Every Known Atom in the Universe. I've seen the matching poster at one friend's house (a college professor gave it to her) and another friend showed us the corresponding card set that they bought their daughter. All three versions show elements in beautiful pictures (great for visual learners.) I first read the idea of making chemistry terminology familiar to young children from Teresa Bondera, and her Periodic Table of Elements Coloring Book remains a favorite resource. My 10th grader is completing Apologia's Exploring Creation With Chemistry in an online class.  She has 3 more exams modules to complete in her chemistry studies. Then, she may move on to advanced biology, though I'm also considering having her go back to physical science which we previously skipped. My 8th grader is also completing her online Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science course. 

     Science for my 4th grader is fun. This year I finally created for him something that I had thought through but not implemented before: a science bucket. It is as simple as it sounds. I gathered all of the remaining resources from science experiment kits we have collected for the past 10 years along with the instruction guides and books and put it all into one bucket. He now asks to do science. I even use it as a reward. I encourage him (but don't always require) to write out his theory then conclusion with new experiments. Not all of them are successful, but he is learning more than just science with his successes and failures. For Christmas, three different cousins gave him science books and experiments, and he started using them even before we resumed our lessons. If I could interest all three of my children in every lesson the way he is interested in science, teaching them would be a piece of cake. 

     The math for my son this year is Teaching Textbooks. He alternates between completing those lessons with the book and on the computer. I like the parent center of the computer version. We also add in math facts drills. My 10th grader is working through Math U See Algebra II which we borrowed from a friend. My 8th grader is again making changes in her math and now working through Life of Fred.

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  1. Teaching Textbooks and Apologia users here as well! I would love to hear about your experience with the online Chemistry! Are you taking it through Apologia?

    1. Virtual Homeschool Group is the treasure we use for that.

  2. I love how homeschooling can be flexible and plans changed when needed.

    1. So do I, Laura. Being able to provide just what our children need is a blessing.

  3. I love the idea of a science bucket! I do something similar with nature study tools, but I imagine my science/math lover would love more access to science experiments.

    1. He enjoys this so much, and I am enjoying his independent exploration. I imagine a variety of buckets would interest him, thanks for the inspiration.


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