Touring Masterbooks

Last year when our family vacationed in Branson, Missouri, we added a side trip through some scenic roads in Arkansas to tour Masterbooks and meet some of the online friends I worked with as one of the Mom's of Masterbooks.

I was actually surprised to learn that it wasn't a book printing and binding factory, instead more of a hub of activity for their published and online books. Everything except for the actual book making process occurs there. We met each employee individually and learned about their jobs. They even shared some of their plans for upcoming books, how they were designed, and we even got to see the books getting packed up to be sent to stores to be sold.

Joseph enjoyed getting to play with the packing that they used in the boxes.

We also enjoyed seeing each of the books that  Masterbooks has published. We realized that we already have many of their books that we didn't know were published by New Leaf Press.

The owner shared how the company started by printing Bibles. A family business started by his dad, his grandmother continued to work there as did his sons. Much of the planning was done on computers, and many desks had two or more computers for each person who was working on the design or online components of each book.

One of the Masterbooks' authors shared that he reads over 1000 submissions for publication each year.They actually publish about 20 of those. 

Our visit to New Leaf Press was a memorable outing. 


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