We have been eating apples for two weeks now. Yummy! Now we have apple pie filling frozen and ready to use all year. We made delicious apple butter in the crock pot, my oldest daughter's favorite apple crisp, and have enjoyed sliced apples in caramel sauce. My friend Lynn suggested replacing the pumpkin in her pumpkin bars recipe with apples. I substituted half apples and half apple butter, Splenda instead of sugar, and coconut oil in a smaller quantity than her oil, just 1/4 cup. Then to keep it diabetic friendly for Powpow, instead of brown sugar on top I made a crumb topping of oatmeal, splenda, and butter. Everyone enjoyed it. What is your favorite apple recipe?


  1. Yummy ! I look forward to making applesauce very soon. Last weekend, I made pear sauce for the very first time. I have enjoyed eating it all week long!
    Also, I like to chop apples over a fresh green salad.

  2. Looks yummy! Getting ready to make freezer apple pie filling!


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