Five Minute Friday ~ She

She... is my mom.

My earliest memories are of her. She tucked me into bed each night, gently folding back the bedspread.

She inspires me. She has continued to show me more and more layers of herself.

I watched her cry as she can't give strength and endurance to her aging Dad. 
She... is his daughter, and she wants to care for him the best that she can.  I can't help enough. She is strong.

She is Grandmommie to my children. They know her love. as do I. She has given all of us so much.

She is the reason I am who I am. The one who gave so much for me to have the life that SHE hoped for for me.

She always has a big hug for me. I treasure every one.

She is my example. I hope I can live up to one day be as loving and giving as she is.

My time is up. Much of my five minutes was spent reflecting on my mom. Who will you share about? 
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  1. Beautiful, Jennifer! I had never done this exercise, so wrote the first things that came to mind, but after the timer went off, I wrote in my head about my mom what you wrote down here, my mom even recently caring for my gramps over the last 10 years. I love that many women are able to think lovingly about their mother's when prompted with the word, "she." Your mom sounds strong.

  2. Beautiful Story Jennifer. It is a joy as a Mother and Grandmother to be encouraged and praised by our Blessings and Blessing's Blessings. A beautiful Glimps of my Life.
    Sunny Greetings from Jamaica (Home away from Home )
    Gertraud Walters


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