First Day


     The day started early. I planned to add the ganache and icing to the cake before church. Instead I found out the new recipe I made the night before felt like cookies instead of chocolate cake. I'm pretty sure I left out a cup of water. I found my grandmother's recipe for birthday cake and started over, adding cocoa to the batter for the chocolate cake my daughter requested. Later the horse gobbled up one of the original layers with no complaints.

     My son's celery experiment is growing in the kitchen window.

     Second attempt = success!

     Angel chicken in the slow cooker for lunch after church.

     She finished her dress the night before and wore it for the first time. 

     "You are my All in All"

     Happy birthday, sweet 16. I love you so very much.

     Jack goes wherever Powpow goes.

     That recipe was perfect.

     I listened as my husband started making cookies with my daughter this afternoon while the other two kids played Nintendo games. "First," he said, "you must put this ingredient in your mouth." Then he poured chocolate chips into both of their hands. Then I caught her eating cookie dough.

     What happens when you are too busy playing games to notice when the timer beeps? Burnt sweet potato fries. The chickens didn't even get those.

     Games around our table include lots of laughter and occasional sibling rivalry.

     No school or work tomorrow! Late night movie and plans to sleep late! 
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  1. Hi Jennifer! So cute that you fed your first batch to the horse!

    Your daughter looked so happy in the picture where she is twirling her dress. Such bliss! and Happy Birthday too :)

    Love family game night. We all like Sorry here!

    1. Actually the horse took it. My dad tasted a bite and said it was like a brownie and he would take some home. The horse knocked the bag out of his hand and ate everything but the bag.

  2. Visiting via First Day. :) Now I want cake, ha.

  3. ☺ nice cake good work

  4. that picture of her spinning in the dress! ah! love it so much!

    1. :) Thanks sweet friend. Me, too!


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