I'm not sure why, but banana pudding has sounded delicious all day. We have milk in the fridge and the chickens are laying eight eggs a day, so I just needed a few more things. I texted my hubby my list of requests before he left work. Bananas, two bunches so there will be plenty for pudding us to eat, vanilla wafers, and whipped topping. He obliged, but apologized for the state of the cookies as soon as he sat the groceries on the counter. I thought he meant some were crushed. No problem, that works, too, in pudding. No. The bag was open. Hum. This looks like a visit from Cookie Monster.

I found my copy of Vicki Bentley's Everyday Cooking e-book, added enough milk to the pot for a triple batch, and then...  we only had 1/4 cup of sugar in the house, less than enough for one batch. Cookie Monster wasn't the only thing affecting our dessert. I changed it up just a little, made a sugar substitution, and it is almost ready. Instead of crushing more of the cookies for the topping, I saved the rest of them for my hubby and just sprinkled the few crushed ones on top. The big bowl is chilling in the fridge now, and we will enjoy it after an episode of Nancy Drew.


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