A Perfect day

     My second year of homeschooling was also my second attempt. I had stopped in the middle of my oldest daughter's kindergarten year and enrolled her in a local school. But my second daughter asked to be homeschooled. So two years later-- her kindergarten year, we tried again.

     One of the keys to homeschool success is support. I finally found a group of other homeschoolers that we could relate to. One of the biggest blessings was something that only happened a handful of times in the past 10 years. Moms' night. A fellowship and friendship time with other moms to share and plan and brainstorm.

     That was where this was asked of me:

     How would you describe the perfect homeschooling day? Answer in the comments, or link over to my giveaway and the rafflecopter form will ask you to leave a comment there answering that same question. I enjoy everyone's opinions about this.

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