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        The following is an informational review for Picaboo Yearbooks.

     I first heard of Picaboo yearbooks because of the opportunity to review them with the Schoolhouse Review Crew. The very first time I visited their website, I was hooked. My daughter and I were actually at 4H camp, and we decided then that it would be perfect for making a 4H yearbook.

     While photobooks are not a new idea to me (we have a lot of digital photobooks printed) the idea of making a digital then printed yearbook was a new twist. As I had just finished a group T-shirt order requiring me to coordinate payment, the idea of having to collect everyone's money again wasn't appealing. Guess what? Each person pays on their own! The more I read on this website, the more I liked it. We are now well into creating our group 4H yearbook, and I'm enjoying the ways my girls can express their creativity.

     Click through and read some of the reviews of crew members who already created their books. They each made the 20 page softback yearbooks which are available for $8.99. See what other crew members shared in their reviews here. I'm interested in a hard copy instead of a soft cover for long term durability.

     There are several features of this process that I really like. One is that everything is stored on Picaboo's website. That means you upload your pictures as you go and can access it from any computer. That is a big deal. I've spent hours in the past on different programs that require one big upload of the finished product at the end, and my somewhat slow internet couldn't handle it. With Picaboo, though, we have had no problem returning to our book and working on it at different times.

     A unique feature is the personalization aspect. Do you remember looking through your own yearbooks specifically for pictures of you and your friends? We just wrapped up our 4H year with the state shooting sports competition. Now we can add pictures from each event the kids have participated in, featuring each of them in the personalized pages of their own books. 

     My girls found the website easy to use. As they worked through it, they referred to Picaboo's examples for ideas. Unlimited possibilities, they had fun looking through the background choices for each page. You can even use your own pictures as backgrounds or as full page pictures. It lets you store the pictures that you want to use, so when you are ready to add them to your page design it just takes a simple click. The website saves your pictures and your previous yearbook designs.

     This is so much different from my own yearbooks from high school and college. The standard page after page of rectangle or oval pictures lined up in rows is not required. Another difference from my high school yearbook staff experience is how the team works. You can create a group of who gets to see your yearbook and who can make changes to it.

     So click over and check out the website. Do you want to create your own Picaboo Yearbook?  For less than $10 your memories can be published! I have a feeling we will be creating yearbooks for more than just 4H.

     Disclaimer: This is an informational review. No product was received for this review. I am sharing as a part of the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew. I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC regulations.


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