I think we got the best spot in the park. As soon as we arrived, we spotted an alligator swimming.

Some kids rode by on their bikes (note to self remember bikes next time.) They called the duck Aflac. 


We weren't completely unplugged. We had typical first world amenities like air conditioning and hot water. But there wasn't Internet at the park, so that was limited to a little time on my hubby's phone. We left the television at home this time. 

We watched for the alligator to return all weekend, searching between the cypress knees, but he only reappeared once after the first night. (The ranger told my daughter to shine her flashlight across the water and if we saw two red lights that was its eyes.)

Between our trips to the range for the competition, we read, played games, and rested. Em made breakfast for all of us the last morning. 

I think I may have caught up on a month of insomnia with the unplugged relaxation. It wasn't all ideallic, there were bugs and allergic reactions, but good memories were made. From one of the books that I read, "We all store different memories." I hope my kids remember times like this.  

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  1. It looks as if you all had a great time. Happy Sunday!


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