25 Truths ~ a Book Review

     The following is a book review completed for Ed Douglas Publications as a member of the TOS Schoolhouse Review Crew.

25 Truths

     25 Truths (Life Principles of the Happiest and Most Successful Among Us) by Ed Douglas is a small paperback book that is filled with 25 truths (plus one) contained in 25 fairly short chapters which you may find yourself reading again and again. My girls and I found the book easy to read. The 3-8 page chapters end with a concise summary followed by "workshop" discussion questions.

     My teenagers and I read this, though my 9 year old listened and interjected his opinion in our discussions as always. Though not the main text, Scripture verses are included throughout the book relevant to the truths shared. The author does share that this is not meant to be a substitute for Biblical wisdom, rather a list drawn from his own life experiences. 

     My 14 year old daughter shared a bit about Chapter 13: Best day. "Worrying about the small stuff keeps you from enjoying every day. Writing down the things that make you happy can help you realize how special things there are in life." I've tried doing that, and I wholeheartedly agree. Journaling your blessings can help change your focus away from the negative influences in life. 

     Chapter 20 Make A Difference, through my 15 year old's eyes: "This isn't new information to me, But it is very useful information. In this chapter, he talks about how we aren't  all going to be the president or find a cure for cancer, But we can make a difference. Wherever you are, You can help someone else. To be most successful find something that you are motivated about; This will help you to be more passionate about helping others."

     Other topics include:

  • Protect Your Reputation
  • Be Slow to Judge
  • See the Glass as Half Full
  • Commit to Love One Person Forever
  • and more.
     Lately I've been following the advice in chapters 18 and 19: Set Goals and Write Them Down and Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. 
"People who write down their goals, share them with a friend, and send weekly updates of their progress to their friend are 33% more successful at completing their goals than people who just formulate their goals in their mind."
     The author shares how he writes yearly goals in several categories and then prioritizes his goals each day!

     The last chapter "plus one -- all you need is love" is summed up this way: "God is love and it is the culmination and completion of everything we are, we do, or we say. Practice the other 25 truths with love or they won't work."

     The author Ed Douglas is a retired financial planner who shared that he wrote this book about character because there is a crisis of character in our country. "My hope is that this book can be used as a home schooling tool to change the world one person at a time." 

     This 150 page paperback is available for $12.50. Designed for children in grades 6-12, it is also appropriate for adults. Other books by Ed Douglas are also available on his website.

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