Five Minute Friday: Fall

After clicking through my emails and reading Lisa-Jo Baker's prompt for this challenge, I tripped over a box on my way to turn off my bath water. I know where to step. I have walked that exact path thousands of times. The box I've been walking around every one of those times was in the same exact place. But this time it was an obstacle, which the bruise that will undoubtedly appear on my leg will be evidence of. 


That not quite complete fall changed the direction of my thoughts. How many times could our paths change just that quickly if our focus is clear? There have been so many unplanned circumstances in my life lately that my focus has been on the next thing, just getting though a step at a time. My husband has been encouraging me to give the kids time to slow down and just play. Our days have been filled with lessons and classes and camp. I've been so happy to fall into bed each night. It is time to slow down... before I fall down.  

At 4H club congress, my daughter climbed the rock wall. When she couldn't climb any higher, she looked back at the one who was holding the rope. They gently lowered her back to the ground. She didn't fall.

I pray this week, as we slow down just a bit, that my focus remains on Jesus and His Word. I don't want to fall. But I'm so thankful that He guides me when I do.


  1. Oooo just beautiful words to my soul! You are dead on!! Thank you so very much for the encouragement today! Blessings!! Here from FMF. First time visitor and I can't wait to read more. Happy Friday.

    1. Thanks, LyndsD, I hope you have a lovely Friday.

  2. Thank you for visiting me on Heart Choices. I'm always thankful to meet a new blogger friend. Oh yes, there are days when I practically fall into bed at night. Busy days ...oh my. If only we would slow down a bit. I too want my focus to be on Jesus and His Word.

  3. Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for that good post about "Fall." I know I need to rest more in Him~and slow down~ so I don't fall. When energies are low, I tend to get more emotional and can't see things reasonably.
    Glad to see you took the jump into Five Minute Friday. This was my first time. It really is a challenge!


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