First Harvest

     Yesterday a we joined friends at a local peach farm and picked several bags full of my favorite fruit. The sun was too bright for pictures with the iPad, but I snapped a few of this morning's harvest of blueberries.

     When we picked squash from our garden, my daughter found our first two ripe cherry tomatoes of the season.

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    1. It was fun, and they are sweet and delicious this year.

  2. I have never picked blueberries. These photos were quite interesting. Hope no one lost their balance on the roof. I loved growing cherry tomatoes when we lived in California. My son and I had fun planting the bushes and the big plus was that we had no bug-eyed caterpillars (worms) on them.

    Do you use your iPad often to take photos? I need to try that! Still learning so much about technology.


    1. Janis, these are unusually large blueberry bushes as my Daddy prefers not to trim them. They are over 20 years old and taller than his shed. The largest, juiciest, sweetest berries are the highest ones. I make sure the kids have on tennis shoes instead of sandals before letting them get on the roof, and they are closely supervised. Thankfully no one has fallen, but I did drop my half filled bucket off the top of the ladder this morning. We often find bird nests while we pick blueberries. The berries we can't reach are the ones for the birds.

      My iPad was a Christmas gift and has now almost completely replaced my camera and video camera. I can get clearer sharper images with it than with any camera I've ever used before. The only negative is it is larger than the camera that I used to just carry in my pocket.

  3. We love going blueberry picking here! Our farms we visit have shorter bushes but I don't blame your dad for not trimming them!

  4. I love the pictures of your blueberry bushes. Our bushes are about three years old and small. We might get a few berries this year. We can't wait.

  5. Yum! I have 2 small blueberry bushes and probably picked 20 berries this year--the birds got the rest!

  6. We just went blueberry picking last week. So fun and so delicious. I've planted a couple blueberry bushes, but they are new and young, so no berries yet. In fact, they have a strange rusty spotting on the leaves that makes me fear there will never be berries on those bushes. I need to learn more about growing them before I kill these poor plants.


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