FRAM Fresh Breeze Cabin Air Filter

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Did you know that the air inside your vehicle can be dirtier than the air outside? FRAM now makes a Fresh Breeze cabin air filter with Arm & Hammer baking soda designed to help with pollen particles and road dust. Before shopping at Walmart, I spent a little time on the FRAM Fresh Air website and located the type of filter recommended for my van.I watched this video which made it look simple enough for me to tackle on my own. While my girls were at their speech class, my son helped me shop. He was able to identify the cabin air filter# that was specified when I entered the make, model, and year of our van. 


My husband stopped me when he saw the screwdriver in my hand and proceeded to complete the task on his own, just the way the video had shown me a few minutes earlier. The most time consuming part was cleaning out the accumulated clutter in the glove box. I found my set of keys to his truck! He actually finished before I completely sorted through the clutter. 

How to change cabin air filter

The cabin air filter is located behind the glove compartment. 

desperately in need of changing
I sort of expected it to be dirty, but the caked in mud like stuff between the folds was a bit worse than I imagined. 

Compare the difference! The baking soda on the new filter is as clearly visible as the grime on the old one. Hopefully we will remember to change it before it gets this nasty again. Maybe I can plan this each time we change batteries in the smoke detectors.

That looks so much better than the old one. 


So if you are wondering, yes, ladies, though my husband took over this for me, this is something you can do for yourself. Enter the make and model of your car at their website to watch the correct video tutorial for your own vehicle. Then after you shop, send in the form from the  FRAM Rebate linkYou can even find FRAM on Facebook. 


I like using natural cleaners including baking soda at home. My oldest daughter and I both have seasonal allergies, so I'm hoping this filter change will help us both breathe easier in our van. Now that this is taken care of, I wonder if the kids will finish cleaning out the van for Mother's Day.  

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  1. Had no idea about that filter...I shudder at the thought of how dirty ours may be! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I did not know either - what a great tip. I bet our findings will be scary

  3. Hi Jennifer,

    Awesome news! I am a stickler for getting our air filter changed out. We used to live on dirt roads so our filters were changed monthly, it become such a habit that I now have continued the practice even though we no longer frequent dirt roads anymore. It is amazing to know how much dirt accumulates in there! You should have seen the filter the first time we did it after now realizing it was a necessity... 6 months with the same filter, living on a dirt road... oh my goodness, what a mess!

    Thanks for the update on Fram's new Arm & Hammer Filter!


  4. This is really interesting! I'm not even sure ours has a filter. We use the vent instead of the AC to save on gas so this would be helpful!


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