A Glimpse of our Summer Plans

     It is feeling like summer here in South Louisiana, and we are making some exciting summer plans.

     We all signed up for the summer reading program at our local library. They even have fun incentives for older kids and adults, though we like to read even without the incentives. (One of the teens will win their own e-reader!)

     If you are motivated by incentives, check out the prizes for the top Bible Bee winners. Kits will be sent out June 1st, there is still time to enroll. http://www.biblebee.org/ Our family loved being a part of Bible Bee last summer and is looking forward to getting started again.

     Another big part of our summer kick off is 4H. The kids have been working on projects and presentations, and I've enjoyed watching them learn new skills. The girls have both been working on sewing projects and I have a few planned, too.

     One thing I'd like to do more of is visit some local plantation homes. We toured one so far this year.

     We have all been working hard to wrap up our official school year. They are almost finished with their core and we are all looking forward to a more relaxed schedule.

     What are you most anticipating this summer?
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