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In my life this week…

     This is more of a monthly catch up post as time continues to fly, so...
In our homeschool this month…
     Our Countries and Cultures studies in Germany are wrapping up. I've added some wonderful resources from Homeschool in the Woods which I'll be sharing about in more detail soon. We watched Night Crossing which shares a true story about two families who escaped from East Germany. We shared a German feast with my parents and are enjoying continuing to sample foods from each of the countries that we study. 

     The girls just had a two week break from their online science classes and have been catching up on assignments due for those classes. They have also joined a writers group which I hope will be an encouragement to them as they continue to improve their writing skills. 

     With electives, 4H shooting sports practice has filled some of our evenings. I laughed when my mom discussed with me the girls changing from practicing their violins to practicing shooting targets. Attendance with music lessons has been more consistent lately, and the girls are looking forward to again participating in an orchestra next weekend. Emily just got a new bow and played an $8,000 violin while we were in the violin shop. She seemed to like the much less expensive one she tried right before that equally as much as both were lighter weight than her current one. 
My favorite thing this month was…
     Meeting my new great-niece is near the top of the chart. A close second is the new opportunities for the girls to learn more advanced sewing techniques. 
Questions/thoughts I have…
     I am researching dress and food from the Regency era. We have enjoyed several English Country style dances and the next one is sadly to be the last as the coordinators of the event are moving. They are ending on a high note with an experience as authentic to the time period as we can accomplish. I don't think my husband or son are going to agree to knickers and a cravat, but the girls and I are having fun planning. One of their sewing projects is long hooded capes. I wonder if it will actually be cold enough to wear them by then. 

Things I'm working on...
     I have many incomplete projects again. While I still have high hopes of a beautifully organized house, it is a slow process. I did completely clean out my closet, but of course no one sees that. I've pinned a lot of organizing ideas that I'd like to implement. 

     The girls have been doing a lot of sewing which is as much fun for me as it is for them. With our hand sewing/embroidery plans, I copied a gift my aunt received from a friend and sewed needle cases for the girls and me. Joseph wants me to make him a pair of blue shorts, and I want to finish a dress for Em that is still in the planning only stage. 

I’m cooking...

     Last week turned into dairy week. We tried new recipes for homemade cream cheese and clotted cream. Last week, the kids all made homemade butter in glass jars at 4H. 

     Not quite cooking, but at my daughter's request I mixed up some homemade bug repellent for the horse. She is outside brushing it into his hair now. 

I'm grateful for...

     Prayers. Prayers for us were felt this week when I took my son to the dentist yesterday for his first filling in several years. After awful dentist experiences followed by completed care by an exceptional dentist about three years ago apparently I'm the one with the lingering bad memories and my son has forgotten it all. Praise God! Joseph had his little cavity that was caught early filled quickly and painlessly. I am thankful to many friends and family who were praying for him. 
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  1. My daughter would love to have a long hooded cape but I'm not sure either of us are up to making one yet. Neither of us sew well. It's so neat that your girls can sew.
    Where do you find online science classes?
    Did you enjoy the clotted cream? I had it once at a bed and breakfast and wasn't expecting it!
    It is very good to hear that all went well with your son and the dentist. Can I ask- what is on his face?
    Hope you have a nice rest of the weekend and a great coming week.

    1. Ha! I should have explained that. I took that picture of Joseph after his quick dental procedure while he still had the mask on. They didn't give him a shot, instead the "laughing gas" was administered through that.

      Both girls are working through their Apologia texts with their science classes. I emailed you more details.

      I should have mixed the rest of the clotted cream into our noodles today. It was ok, but the cream cheese was much better. We sweetened it and used it as cream cheese frosting.

  2. I wish my daughter had used the two week spring break from science to catch up on her assignments. I'm sure I'm going to hear lots of grumbling when her plan to do all the lab reports all at once turns out to be more tedious than fun.


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